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Aerial Videography, photography, site inspections, security - affordable solutions anytime you need to see something from the air.

Cricket Club Raffle

winning this prize gets you 1hour (3 x batteries) of JMAV services.  We can photograph your house, property, gardens and present you with the digital content.

UAS (drone) operations are highly regulated and so there are times and places we can not fly.  JMAV will ensure that the shoot is safe and legal before we fly.  See below for more information.

This prize includes drone hire (DJI Mavic Pro), operator and all the content we can take in 1 hour (3 x batteries) within 50 miles of the Dunmow cricket club.
Site Survey, Booking and Timing 
  • Unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS) are affected by the weather especially in the U.K.  Therefore JMAV have a flexible and pragmatic approach to scheduling client work.
  • We cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds.   Also you may have specific requirements that restrict us to flying at specific times.

What We Need From You
  • The location of the shoot (with an exact postcode), proposed date and a brief containing as much background information as possible on what you want us to photograph and film.

Site Survey
  • We can then do an initail site survey to see if the shoot is possible and if there are any other factors, flight restrictions or permissions that need to be considered.
  • Each job is unique with a mixture of external influences that can affect when and where we can film, but we plan ahead to decrease possible disruptions.
  • We monitor the weather forecast 5 days in advance of any shoot.  If the signs are not good we talk to you 48 hours prior to the shoot.
  • At this point we will reschedule the shoot to the next suitable date. Weather is a know business risk in the UK, so we have to be as flexible as possible to ensure that bookings can be rearranged.​
Copyright and Use of Material 
JMAV retains the copyright of all aerial photography and filmed content.

Our clients have full use of all photography and filmed material for their own business promotion, media, print, marketing, advertising and website use.  In our terms of service clients are permitted to use all material in conjunction with their media, print and advertising suppliers. Clients are not permitted to sell the material or allow general 3rd parties to use it with prior written agreement with us.

We reserve the right to use any video footage or photograph still images for our own PR purposes, on our website, in a showreel, in printed material and on social media unless agreed in advance.  With regard to client confidentiality and any embargo provisions, JMAV agrees not use any video footage or photographs until our client has published the material.

We also reserve the right to supply video footage and photographs to stock libraries at a later date.