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About John Michaels

John Michaels has been working in the entertaiment businsess for over 20 years now.  From Production manager to Piano man John has covered most aspects of the industry.

Befor working with bands John qualified as an Electrical and Electronics engineer and worked for Ford Motor Company but his heart was always in music production.  While not at work he learnt the ins and out of music production until taking the plunge, leaving manufacturing, and built a company called MusicTek. 

​MusicTek offered a range of services to the live music industry.  Offering services like rehearsal studios, recording studios, PA hire and even a live venue where bands could showcase their talents.  This lasted for a bout 5 years until was forced to close when they lost the lease on the building they were renting.  

Many of the staff recruited during the "MusicTek" years still work with John to this day, two of which are also JMAV UAV pilots.

Following from MusicTek John toured the world again but this time on cruise ships.  Working his way up through the ranks initially as a pianist and Photographer until he headed the entertainment department as Production manager.

Responsible for all the entertainment venues and broadcast department on some of the largest cruise ships in the world. John continued to utilise his diverse training having to organise and run a team of technicians, musicians, singers and dancers, entertainers, photographers and camera operators to list but a few.
After years of working at sea John came back to the UK and continued to work in the entertainment industry working freelance as a sound engineer, photographer and keyboard player until he was offered work as a project manager for a large events company.  For a while John was sales Manager for Savoy Hotel, London and then area manager for another events company covering 18 world famous venues in and around London.
Creating and running large events all over the UK, John and his new wife were happy setting up their new life in Essex until he was involved in a horrific car crash on his way to work.

Riding to work one day John was hit by a car smashing every bone in his left leg.  After spending a few months in hospital and receiving numerous operations doctors were able to save the leg but for the best part of a year it was not clear if John would ever walk again.  It was very unlikely he would be able to return to his career as project manager so it was time to think of a new way of combining his talents.
During his time "growing" a new leg he tried to make the most of his time, campiagning for help for people in similar situations voicing his ideas on national TV, Radio and in the press.  If you google "John Michaels motorbike" you will see for yourself - here is one of our favourite stories.  

Essex Motorcyclist Reunited with Lifesavers Following Serious Collision

He also studied and trained in UAV piloting and gained his permission to fly commercial operation from the CAA which brings us to why you are reading this now.

John uses his combined experience in engineering, entertaining and photography to operate UAV's in a wide range of industries.  He and his crew are comfortable working 5 star wedding venues to building sites.  Johns background sets him aside from other operators due to the extreme diversity in training and experience received over the last 20+ years.